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Ceasefire Agreement Between Pakistan And India

Publicado el 8/4/2021

15 See, for example, Tariq Naqash, “Woman, Teenage Boy Killed in Cross-LoC Firing by Indian Forces,” Dawn, February 4, 2018, www.dawn.com/news/1387273/woman-teenage-boy-killed-in-cross-loc-firing-by-indian-forces. 46 Maria Abi-Habib and Hari Kumar, “India and Pakistan agree on a ceasefire on the border with Kashmir,” New York Times, May 30, 2018, www.nytimes.com/2018/05/30/world/asia/india-pakistan-kashmir-truce.html. 5 This article is based primarily on interviews the author www.thebritishacademy.ac.uk/mapping-borders-ceasefire-violations-across-india-pakistan-line-control as part of King`s College based on Mapping Borders: Ceasfire Violations Across the India-Pakistan Line of Control. With the help of Asma Faiz of the Lahore University of Management Sciences, dozens of politicians, senior diplomats, military officers and journalists were interviewed in Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, including Ashraf J. Qazi (High Commissioner for India, 1997-2002); Khurshid Kasuri (Pakistan Foreign Minister, 2004-2007); Riaz Khokhar (High Commissioner for India, 1992-1997, and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, 2002-2005); Salman Bashir (High Commissioner for India, 2012-2014, and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, 2008-2012); Shaharyar Khan (Pakistan Foreign Minister, 1990-1994); Syed Azmat Hassan (Deputy Permanent Representative of the Pakistan Mission to the United Nations, 1979-1980); Iqbal Ahmad Khan (former Pakistani ambassador to Bangladesh and Iran) and Shahid Malik (High Commissioner to India, 2006-2012). Among the military officers currently on duty: Major General Asif Ghafoor (DGISPR) and three generals working under the DGMO. Among the former military officers: Lieutenant-General Talat Masood (Secretary of Defense, 1988-1990). Journalists include Khaled Ahmed (Columnist bei Dawn, Indian Express, Newsweek), Imtiaz Alam (South Asian Free Media Association), Sirmed Manzoor (Freelance), Marvi Sirmed (Daily Times), Faisal Shakeel (Waqt TV) and Rana Jawad (Geo TV). Among the politicians: Khawaja Asif (Sialkot MNA, Minister of Defence 2013-2017 and Minister of Foreign Affairs 2017-2018). The accuracy of these data cannot be established – and the differences between the ISMPR and DGMO figures show that different sources can also provide different data in the same country. In Pakistan, the army is responsible for the LoC, so every CFV is made public through military communication channels, from the local commander to the director general of ISPR (DGISPR).9 In October 2017, DGISPR proudly stated that “even the Minister of Foreign Affairs is waiting for my information”.9 In October 2017, DGISPR proudly stated that “even the Minister of Foreign Affairs is waiting for my information”. 10 Before making a statement to the press, DGISPR does not need more than one hour to verify the information by asking the official in charge of the nearest position if it is correct.11 He can then request the recording of films, in which case clips are leaked to the media after six to seven hours.

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