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Data Processing Agreement Sample

Publicado el 8/4/2021

6.2. The data processor will ensure that all data processor staff required for access to personal data are informed of the confidentiality of personal data and the security procedures applicable to the processing or access to personal data. The processing manager must report any serious breaches of personal data to his or her data protection authority. Here, too, the data transformer plays a role. It must “immediately inform the person in charge of the processing after knowingly establishing that it has found a breach of personal data.” 6.2 Australian data. To the extent that Mailchimp is the recipient of customer data protected by the Australian Data Protection Act, the parties recognize and accept that Mailchimp may transfer this customer data outside Australia, in accordance with the terms agreed by the parties and subject to Mailchimp`s compliance with this privacy policy and the Australian Data Protection Act. 2.1 The data processor only processes personal data in accordance with the provisions of this Authority. The subcontractor must ensure that “those authorized to process personal data are committed to confidentiality.” Note that this is not the same as a confidentiality agreement. It is primarily in place to protect the interests of the individuals involved, not data processors or controllers. The data processing agreement contains information on the categories of personal data and the categories of people involved.

Here is an example of the virtual university: under 81, “after the end of treatment on behalf of the person in charge of the treatment, the subcontractor should, at the choice of the person in charge of the treatment, restore or erase the personal data.” 7.2 The data manager provides the data manager with appropriate cooperation to enable the processing manager to carry out a data protection impact analysis that he must carry out under existing data protection legislation. 8.3. The processor may, for legitimate data protection reasons, object to a new subcontractor processor. In the event of a reasoned objection, the parties negotiate in good faith an alternative solution. If such an alternative solution cannot be found and the data processor decides to continue with such a subcontractor, the author can terminate the contract with a 30-day period. In the event of termination, none of the contracting parties is deemed terminated. 2.5 The personal data processed by the provider relates to the categories of data, the categories of persons involved and the purposes of the treatment described in Schedule 1. Description of the technical and organizational security measures implemented by the data importer in accordance with paragraphs 4(d) and 5 (c) (or related documents/legislation): processors must have an RGPD processing agreement (GDPR) when using data processors. 2.1 The role of the contracting parties. Where the EU Data Protection Act or the LGPD apply to the processing of customer data by one of the parties, the parties acknowledge and accept that the customer is responsible for processing customer data and that Mailchimp is a subcontractor acting on behalf of the customer, as described in Schedule A (Details of Treatment) of this data protection authority.

In order to avoid any doubt, this declaration of confidentiality does not apply to cases where Mailchimp is responsible for the processing (as defined in the EU Data Protection Act), unless it is described differently in Appendix D.

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